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Just call me Emily Van Gogh!

Last night I went with a couple of friends to 'Paint the Towne' to create soon-to-be priceless masterpieces!!  This place is SO cool!  They provide the canvas, paint, brushes, aprons and anything else you might need to create a masterpiece!  They even provide wine glasses and let you bring cocktails!  Painting, booze and I don't even have to clean up?!  Let's be honest, this is going to become one of my favorite places real quick!  You gotta check them out www.paintthetowne.com! Every night at PTT is a different painting that everyone in attendance paints together with a 'pro' guiding.  Last nights painting was the 'Funky Flower.'  It's a lot of fun to see how different everyone's painting looks even though we're all painting the 'same' thing! I'm already itching for them to release their November schedule so I can sign up for more!  

And now, without further ado, I present to you 'Funky Flower' as created by Lynette 'Monet', Jamie 'Picasso' and Emily 'Van Gogh!!'

Here's Lynette and I working on our art!

Finally, here is my Funky Flower!

Until next time, have a great Friday! =)

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First blog and a blog of firsts!

My first blog!!

Let's see what I can make of this!  I'm going to try to keep you up to date on the happenings around Wichita and the happenings I happen to be attending.  Ha.  You can also keep up with Dusty and myself on the Buzz facebook page.  That is a great place to request songs, ask us questions or just say hello!!  We're always wanting to hear from you and no comment goes unanswered!  I also have a twitter account you can follow www.twitter.com/emily_stevens Speaking of twitter (and firsts)... Last night I went to my first 'tweet up' at Stroud's.  A 'tweet up' is a meeting of people who communicate on Twitter.  At least I think that's how it's defined.  All I knew is that some wonderfully fun ladies I know and yummy Stroud's food would be at this 'tweet up' and that is all I really needed to know!  I ended up meeting lots of really great people and had a really good time!  It definitely won't be my last tweet up!  I encourage you to join sometime.  I mean, seriously, look at the smiles on these faces!

Tonight I embark on another first...Paint the Towne.  Have you heard of it?  Again, it's something I don't know at lot about but I do know you get to paint a picture and have adult cocktails while doing it.  Score and score!  Check them out online at www.paintthetowne.com.  I'll try to remember to take a picture of me with my newly painted artwork tonight to post on the blog tomorrow.  Until next time, have a great Thursday! =)
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Coming Soon!

Emily Stevens Blog Coming Soon!
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