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I have a theory as to why Idol is so lame this year.  There’s a reason why there are only a handful of true music superstars.  As simplistic as it may sound, it’s because that’s all there is.  There is only one Celine Dion.  There's only one Billy Joel.  There’s only one U2.  There’s a couple of Kelly Clarksons and maybe a couple of Carrie Underwoods, but that’s it.  Sure, there are talented people in the world.  It’s intriguing to believe that there is an endless supply of Susan Boyles out there just waiting to be discovered.  But the truth is superstar talent is rare.  So, after 8 consecutive seasons I believe that the sea of superstar talent in the US has been fished dry--for now anyway.     Last night the women brought us another pedestrian show as a couple of contestants walked through their performances.  FRONTRUNNERS
  1. Crystal Bowersox—Continues to be the class act of this show.
  2. Siobhan Magnus—Weird duck though she may be, she’s the best singer in the competition.
  1. Katie Stevens—Previously one of my favorites, but she has faltered in the last few weeks.  I thought Kelly Clarkson’s “Runaway” would be right in her wheelhouse, but au contraire.  Yawn.
  2. Katelyn Epperley—Talkin’ about a walk-through.  If she was feeling anything on “I Feel The Earth Move” you certainly couldn’t tell.
  1. Lacey Brown—This was Lacey’s first truly good performance since she got to the Top 24.  Her problem is that the only style she seems able to do competently is “Sixpence None The Richer.”  I don’t think that’s going to get her much farther.
  2. Didi Benami—See Lacey Brown.

            Lilly Cox—Her performance of “I Fall To Pieces” was spotty, and I really didn’t like it. Don’t know what the public at large will think, but at least she’s taking risks.

  1. Paige Miles—In our in-office pool that started when the Top 24 were announced, I picked Paige to win the whole thing.  Her earliest performances displayed powerful vocals and a comfortable stage presence.  But the last two weeks did her in.  Last night’s version of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” was BRUTAL.
  2. Katie, Katelyn, or Lilly—I guess picking three is a little bit of a cop-out, but they each have their strong points.  Katie and Katelyn could survive because they’re both adorable.  Lilly comes off as a little kooky, so that may not help her even though her performance was better than the other two.

03/10/2010 10:09AM
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