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Predicting who the American public will vote for on American Idol is a fool’s game.  After Tuesday night’s performance there is no logical reason why Paige Miles is still in it.  Her rendition of “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin was one of the most abysmal performances EVER in the round of 16.  On the men’s side, Andrew Garcia has no star potential whatsoever.  Like Kara said this week, he peaked in the Hollywood auditions when he did “Straight Up”.  His attempt to turn another female Pop song, “Genie In A Bottle”, into a cool acoustic interpretation seemed like an act of desperation.   “Hey, you really liked “Straight Up”, so here’s another Pop song just like it.  Don’t you like this one, too?  Don’t ya? Please?”  Pathetic.  Turns out that I wasn’t that far off in my predictions, as I had named Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott as possible boot-ees.  They both were shown the door last night.  Katelyn’s wooden performance of “I Feel The Earth Move” obviously didn’t move anybody.  I feared that Lilly’s song choice might do her in.  “I Fall To Pieces” is just too old and her take on it was too kooky.  Still, one of them should still be in the competition because it’s a joke that Paige is still in.  And I picked her to win the whole thing! Song choice probably did Alex Lambert in, as well.  That “Trouble” song sounds like something from Hee-Haw.  “Gloom despair and agony on me….”  And my gut was right on Todrick Hall (see yesterday’s blog).  There’s just something inauthentic about him.  And in the Hollywood team competitions he came off as petty and catty which can’t have helped him.  So, here’s your Top 12 and how I rank ‘em, like that means anything.  What’s your ranking?  Would love to see your comments below.
  1. Michael Lynche—He and Crystal Bowersox are in a dead heat at this point.
  2. Crystal Bowersox—See above.
  3. Siobhan Magnus—Can’t wait to see what she does next.  Best singer in the competition.
  4. Lee Dewyze—I don’t get this guy at all, but the judges love him.
  5. Casey James—His movie star good looks and guitar playing are what keep him in the chase.  Certainly isn’t his singing.
  6. Aaron Kelly—Creepy Edward Norton rides again.
  7. Katie Stevens—I think she’s going to have a break-out performance next week; I know it’s in her.  If she doesn’t, she may be out.
  8. Paige Miles—If she can get back to her up-tempo, belting ways she could be in the Top 10, at least.
  9. Tim Urban—Who’da thunk it?  From afterthought to the Top 12.  Even he’s surprised.
  10. Didi Benami—Got back in the competition with her excellent version of “Rhiannon”.  Don’t know if she can pull off two in a row.
  11. Lacey Brown—She’s adorable and talented, but her performances have been erratic. 
  12. Andrew Garcia—Please.  Gimme a break.

03/12/2010 8:18AM
The Clean Dozen
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