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Ta Ta Di Di!

Finally!  I actually got it right.  Nailed the bottom 3, and as I feared, Di Di Benami is out.  She’s one of the sweetest, cutest contestants ever, but sweet and cute can only take you so far.  That’s why Tim Urban is next, soon to be followed by Katie Stevens.  Did you see Ruben Studdard?  He lost like a whole person.  Still hear that he’s a huge prima donna, though.  Where that comes from I don’t know.  He’s never even had a hit!  He needs to take a few lessons from Usher—talent to burn, and one of the true class acts in show biz. You gotta figure Tim or Katie is out next week, though if Andrew Garcia regresses back to Bad Andrew, he could be in trouble, too.  What do you think?

04/01/2010 7:36AM
Ta Ta Di Di!
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