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Real Housewife Gets a Leg Up

Aviva Drescher of The Real Housewives of New York City has a prosthetic leg. People who follow the show know that she lost her natural leg in an accident at the age of six.

But, until now, no one really knew that the leg could also be a weapon – as in a detachable blunt instrument. We’ll know the whole story on the July 22 episode of RHoNYC, but insiders report that the leg went flying during a heated argument at Le Cirque restaurant last fall.

This is where the question “You want a piece of me?” got a little too literal.

Check out this video from February where she talks about losing her leg...


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07/14/2014 11:27PM
Real Housewife Gets a Leg Up
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07/16/2014 3:24AM
housewife Aviva
Sick im the hesd woman. Just wants pitty.its all about her like nobody else goes through heartache and pain. My mother was 68 when she lost her leg and couldn't afford all the artificial legs like hers. Suck it up my mother couldn't paint her toe nails. Its all about her sickness on that show.take her off soshe can pitty herself at home all day.
07/16/2014 3:40AM
housewife Aviva
Should b taken off the show. She is one sick woman. She thinks she had it hard lossing a leg how about the men and women who serves our country for us and come home with no limbs or the ones who do lose their legs cant aford a closet of artificial legs like her or paint their toe nails like her. She acts like she wanted to help the poor woman who lost her leg in the marathon bombing but it was all about how many prosthetic legs with her real looking feet and how she paints her toe nails. Veterans are lucky to have 2 throughout their lifes
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