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Milk it baby!

Fox is trying to milk every bit of viewership they can out of Idol.  That was not a two-hour show last night.  There was way too much of nothin’ going on including blathering judges and a cameo on-stage appearance by a heckler—now that’s entertainment!  And I’ve come to the realization that Ryan Seacrest is basically a second-rate host.  If AI weren’t the juggernaut that it is, he would not be helping the show at all.  His bantering with Simon is petty and he’s got zero charisma.  Contrast what he does with Jeff Probst of “Survivor” or Tom Bergeron on “Dancing With The Stars”.  No comparison.  Now, back to our show.  Surely this is the week that Tim Urban gets the boot.  But, who knows.  And stop calling me Shirley. I said yesterday on the air that Adam Lambert was going to be the mentor for this week, but I got my wires crossed.  He won’t be on until next week.  They actually didn’t even have a mentor this week.  Last night was Lennon and McCartney night, and Katie Stevens and Casey James had breakout performances.  Here’s my take on each performance in its order of appearance: Aaron Kelly’s act is wearing thin.  I even predict that he’ll be in the Bottom 3 tonight.  To put it short and sweet, “The Long And Winding Road” was straight-out boring. Finally Katie Stevens displayed why she made it to the Top 24 in the first place.  She seemed much more confident in her ability and belted out a strong version of “Let It Be”.  I certainly liked her version better that Kris Allen’s whiny version a few weeks ago.  She might not even be in the Bottom 3 this week which would be a big break for her. Andrew Garcia’s corny version of “Can’t Buy Me Love” bought him a ticket back to the Bottom 3 again this week.  Whether he wins American Idol or not—and I don’t think he will--Michael Lynche is undoubtedly the most multi-faceted talent in this competition.  Big Mike can handle every thing form R&B, to Pop, to Broadway with aplomb.  Loved his Broadway-esque take on “Eleanor Rigby”.  The song lends itself to melodrama, so I think it was entirely appropriate, contrary to what Simon said about it. Didn’t love her version of “Come Together” by Crystal Bowersox, but at this point she’s got first or second locked up so it doesn’t really matter what she does. Then there’s Tim Urban.  And again I say, “Gimme a break.”  I didn’t think it was possible to make a 60’s song sound even older, but I could see Potsie singing Tim’s version of “All My Lovin’” on Happy Days.  Talk about cheese!  It had more than a chili dog at Arnold’s! Casey James is the man!  The man to beat in this competition, anyway.  “Studly” delivered his breakout performance of the competition, channeling Bob Seger on John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy”.  I love Siobhan Magnus.  She’s quirky and bold.  Who else would try to sing “Across The Universe” as a soaring diva ballad?  The phrasing alone on the song is almost impossible to pull off, and Siobhan did it admirably.  Problem is, she’s just too weird to win. Lee Dewyze rivals Casey in talent, but ultimately I don’t think he has the charisma to win.  “Hey Jude” was a bad song choice.  The song quickly devolves into “Naaah Naaah Naaah Na-na-na-naah” and when the bagpipe player came down the stairs it was just too much.  I give this one a big raspberry. Here’s how I rank ‘em this week:
  1. Casey James
  2. Michael Lynche
  3. Crystal Bowersox
  4. Siobhan Magus
  5. Katie Stevens
  6. Lee Dewyze
  7. Andrew Garcia
  8. Aaron Kelly
  9. Tim Urban
Next week the show cuts back to an hour-and-a-half which is still too long for 8 contestants.  Expect much filler.

04/07/2010 9:52AM
Milk it baby!
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