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Losing Lacey

So, what is up with Ryan Seacrest?  Looks like his ego is getting the better of him.  Surely the producers aren’t telling him to get into these confrontations with Simon, are they?  I guess it ramps up the conflict and gets people talking, but it just makes me squirm.  And then Ryan ticked off everybody on the West Coast when he tweeted right after the East Coast show and revealed who got voted off.  The result was that American Idol had it’s lowest watched regularly scheduled in-season show—EVER!  I don’t care who you are, you can’t do that and not catch some serious flak from the muckety-mucks.  That kind of stunt could cost FOX millions in advertising revenue!  We might hear more about this as the days go by.  I think it just shows that Mr. Seacrest may be short a few synapses in the cerebral cortex, if you know what I mean.  Two of my picks yesterday for the bottom three were correct—Lacey Brown and Tim Urban.  I can understand Paige Miles’ inclusion in this bunch, but I still think she has a lot more upside than Andrew Garcia.  Let’s face it--Andrew’s still living off the one performance of “Straight Up”.  He hasn’t topped it and I don’t think he will.  Final result?  Lacey gets the boot. If you haven't heard my interview with Kris Allen, click here.

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