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First blog and a blog of firsts!

My first blog!!

Let's see what I can make of this!  I'm going to try to keep you up to date on the happenings around Wichita and the happenings I happen to be attending.  Ha.  You can also keep up with Dusty and myself on the Buzz facebook page.  That is a great place to request songs, ask us questions or just say hello!!  We're always wanting to hear from you and no comment goes unanswered!  I also have a twitter account you can follow www.twitter.com/emily_stevens Speaking of twitter (and firsts)... Last night I went to my first 'tweet up' at Stroud's.  A 'tweet up' is a meeting of people who communicate on Twitter.  At least I think that's how it's defined.  All I knew is that some wonderfully fun ladies I know and yummy Stroud's food would be at this 'tweet up' and that is all I really needed to know!  I ended up meeting lots of really great people and had a really good time!  It definitely won't be my last tweet up!  I encourage you to join sometime.  I mean, seriously, look at the smiles on these faces!

Tonight I embark on another first...Paint the Towne.  Have you heard of it?  Again, it's something I don't know at lot about but I do know you get to paint a picture and have adult cocktails while doing it.  Score and score!  Check them out online at www.paintthetowne.com.  I'll try to remember to take a picture of me with my newly painted artwork tonight to post on the blog tomorrow.  Until next time, have a great Thursday! =)

10/27/2011 5:11AM
First blog and a blog of firsts!
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10/27/2011 1:02PM
Thanks for coming Emily! What a great group of gals - so glad you're back in the ICT. The beginning of good times!
10/27/2011 1:36PM
Cindy Kelly (@WichitaCindy)
You defined tweet ups perfectly. Now if you can figure out if it's tweetup, tweet-up, or tweet up... that's the real trick! I don't have a preference as long as people show up and have a good time. Oh, wait, not people... tweeple! I love Paint the Towne. So fun! Be sure to take a picture of everyone with their final product. It's crazy how different the same painting can turn out. Cocktails make for better art, too.
03/27/2014 6:05PM
Jackie Ramirez
How do I contact you to give you a song to put on the radio online??? To:Emily
03/27/2014 6:07PM
Sorry I thought I was talking to my cousin Emily Take the "To:Emily" back.
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