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A total of 26 contestants made it through to Hollywood from the Denver auditions on American Idol last night.  Most of them were kinda lame, though, so I don’t think any of them stand a chance of winning.  A.I. is doing something unusual tonight.  They’re taking the best of the best contestants from all the auditions and showing them in one show.  And they’re apparently performances we haven’t seen yet.  Makes me wonder if these aren’t some plants they recruited because most of the people that have made it through so far just aren’t that good.   


The Good


  • Mark Labriola—I think he mainly got through because of his strange childhood experience.  Seems he was abducted by his mother in a custody battle and lived all over the country from Alaska to Hawaii.  When he was in his teens, his father found him in Hawaii and got him back.  Now he’s married and got a child of his own.  His performance of “Tempted” by Squeeze was decent but not stellar. 
  • Tori Kelly—Precocious 16 year-old did a solid version of “Gravity” by John Mayer.  I’m not a Mayer fan; his songs don’t require much vocal prowess.  Still, Tori made it her own which is important in this competition.
  • Nicci Nix—I dub thee “Helium Girl”.  Her voice would make her completely annoying if it weren’t for the fact she’s so darn cyute!  Plus, she flew 14 hours from Italy just to audition.  I didn’t even recognize the song she sang, but it was perky and not awful. 

The Bad


  • Austin Paul—Two strikes against him already for doing a John Mayer song.  Third strike was that Austin’s a dumb jock who’s way too cocky, and sang “Bigger Than My Body” which is a really dumb song. 
  • Mario Galvan—His performance of Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” should have landed him in jail.

The Ugly


  • Kenny Everett—Another one of these deluded individuals who has proclaimed himself a “singer” with no evidence to back it up.  Tried to pull of a Mary J. Blige tune, but it came out Mary J. Blecch. 


What do you think?

02/17/2010 12:37PM
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