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Call Me "Crazy" 5/6/10

I’m finally starting to believe my wife.  She’s been calling me an idiot for years, and after last night, her diagnosis is confirmed.  I am an idiot!  I’m certainly not sane by Einstein’s definition:  continuing to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  I’m idiotically insane because I keep expecting America to vote rationally on American Idol.  Think about it.  Casey James is in the Bottom 3 for two weeks in a row, and he doesn’t even make the Bottom 2 last night; Michael Lynche, Sinatra Week’s best performer, does; along with Aaron Kelly, who had one of the better performances Tuesday night.  Ultimately, little Ed Norton, Jr., got the heave-ho.  Cathy, our wonderful receptionist, encapsulated the entire show this morning.  She said, “They paid Lady Gaga $250,000 for that?!”  Yep, and for a lame remake of “La Isla Bonita” at that.  American Idol is officially off the rails now.  Tuesday night’s audience of 17 million was the lowest since 2002.  I, for one, am not inspired by any of the remaining contestants.  But, as the intrepid blogger that I am, I’ll continue to slog through to the bitter end.  Don’t you know that Simon is just itching to be out of there?  And it looks like just in time, too. How I Rank Them (Idiot That I Am)
  1. Lee DeWyze--Only because he’s the judges' pet.
  2. Crystal Bowersox--By all rights should be the winner.
  3. Casey James--Only because he’s so cute—whatever.
  4. Michael Lynche--Still the most talented of the bunch.

05/06/2010 8:18AM
Call Me "Crazy" 5/6/10
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