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I had the pleasure of talking to Kris Allen on the phone on Tuesday.  Kris called from Los Angeles where he’s spending a lot of time these days.  (Can’t imagine why.)  Kris gave me the scoop on his upcoming visit to Haiti which will be broadcast next week on American Idol.  He will also be performing on the show that night. Kris Allen interview Not too many surprises when the remainder of the Top 24 were picked on Wednesday night.  A few that I thought would get in didn’t make it:  Tasha Layton, Angela Martin, and Thaddeus Johnson.  The moment that Kara spent breaking the news to Angela was especially poignant.  I think that Thaddeus’ appearance had a lot to do with him not making it.  American Idol is first and foremost a television show and personal presentation is key.  With a little polish and another year’s maturation, Thaddeus could come back and make it next year.  Don’t have a clue what happened to Tasha since they never mentioned her. Did anybody see them make any mention of Tim Urban anywhere in the process?  They showed his picture briefly in one segment, but I never heard his name until the very end.  He’s been an inconsequential participant this entire season, so I didn’t even know who he was from his picture.  I had to wait til the very end of the show when they announced his name.  Kinda strange. So here’s the final 24:
  • Michael Lynche—Too overbearing physically to win it all. 
  • Didi Benami—One of my favorites from day one.  Radiates sweetness.
  • Katelyn Epperley—Sleeper.
  • Casey James—If he doesn’t make in on AI, he could be a movie star.  The epitome of “ruggedly handsome”.
  • Aaron Kelly—Creepy.
  • Lee Dwyze—Could be one of the first to get the boot. 
  • Todrick Hall—He’ll go deep into the competition, but the drama queen thing will wear thin.
  • Tyler Grady—Love his whole ‘70’s vibe.  The ladies will love him.
  • Janell Wheeler—She’s just likable and that counts in this competition.
  • Lacey Brown—Hasn’t gotten a lot of screen time up until this point, but she’s a contender.
  • Ashley Rodriguez—Knew she’d get in from her first audition.  She has charm, poise, beauty, and talent—the whole package.
  • Alex Lambert—Buh-bye.
  • Joe Munoz—Haven’t seen much of him, so I don’t know what to think.
  • Crystal Bowersox—Style and talent to burn.  Think she’s just a little to rough to be a serious threat.
  • Katie Stevens—Keep your eye on this 17 year-old.  Has the talent and charm to win it all.
  • Lilly Scott—Reminds me of Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland.  Has a swagger and cuteness that’ll take her to the final rounds.
  • Paige Miles—Again, not much screen time, so who knows.  Simon really likes her, so that will help.
  • Siobhan Magnus—Huge voice.  Arguably the best singer in the competition, but will that be enough?
  • Michelle Delamor—She looks like a star, but I haven’t heard enough of her to make a guess as to how far she’ll get.
  • Jermaine Sellers—He’s annoying, so he’ll be gone pretty quick.
  • John Park—This year’s Anoop Desai?
  • Tim Urban--Who?
  • Haeley Vaughn--Boy, I really don't get this one.  I know she's sweet and all, but she's going to get annoying really quick.
  • Andrew Garcia--He made it with his reworking of "Straight Up" early in Hollywood Week.  Solid contender.
Who are your picks?

02/19/2010 8:55AM
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