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A plea for help

I've been a Program Director in music radio for quite a few years.  I’m pretty good at spotting a hit song and/or talented artist that will resonate with just about everybody.  I mean, there’s a reason why we call them “hits”—they hit with everyone around the country, and often, around the world.  When I watch American Idol, I must be clueless, cuz I completely missed on the first eliminations out of the Top 24.  What I wanna know is, “Who the heck are the people who vote in this thing?!”  Ashley Rodriguez gets the boot over Haeley Vaughn?  Are you kidding me?  Just watching Vaughn talk is annoying enough, but listening to her sing?  A bleating sheep would be better. And Simon was spot on when he said that they made the right decision on Tim Urban in the first place.  Joe Munoz wasn’t going to go all they way, but he was way better than Urban.  Those who don’t sing do not realize how hard it is to sing a Jason Mraz song, which Munoz did admirably.  But he gets voted off instead of a hack like Urban?  What a joke. Tyler Grady was the other guy to get the boot, and I can’t say that I disagree.  Alex Lambert who was in the bottom two with Grady will be the next to go. Janell Wheeler was the second gal to go.  Her shaky rendition of Heart’s “What About Love” did her in. After the first eliminations, my frontrunners are Paige Miles and Casey James.  Paige has the best voice in the competition and Casey has the most star potential. Please, oh, please, can we get Haeley Vaughn off the show?  Please?  Anyone?  Can you help a brotha out?

02/26/2010 8:12AM
A plea for help
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03/23/2010 11:11PM
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