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Can they possibly drag this out any more?!  This is one of my pet peeves with Idol:  they take a one-hour show and stretch it into two.  I mean, does it really take two hours to announce 7 of the 24 finalists?  The whole scenario with the contestants in three separate rooms is getting old.  The judges come in and do their obligatory stall to ratchet up the tension, then everybody either jumps up and down and screams, or they collapse into sobs.  Ho-hum.  Here’s who’s in so far, and some of my picks are in the group:
  •  Michael Lynche—Muscle-bound softy who will survive a few rounds.  Don’t think he’s mass appeal enough to go the distance, though.
  • Didi Benami—One of my favorites from day one.  She has that indefinable winsomeness that shines through.  Could be the next American Idol.
  • Katelyn Epperley—Decent singer with great back story and cute face. 
  • Casey James—Just call him “Kara’s Pet”.  She swoons every time he shows up.  He’s got the musical chops to be a star, too.
  • Aaron Kelly—Don’t know how this 16 year-old got through.  He forgot the lyrics in his Hollywood audition and he reminds me of Edward Norton--the creepy Edward Norton in “Primal Fear”.
  • Lee Dwyze—Don’t get this one either.  The guy’s Hollywood audition was terrible and he doesn’t stand a chance to win.
  • Todrick Hall—He’s the goods.  Tons of charisma and talent.  Bit of a drama queen which might actually help him.
 Tonight the final 17 are announced.  Here are my picks to get in:
  • Tasha Layton—She’s got a style all her own and she has good presence.
  • Siobhan Magnus—Ellen told her that she had to lighten up, and she did in her final audition.  Incredible pipes.
  • Crystal Bowersox—No-brainer.  This year's blues chick.
  • Thaddeus Johnson—16 year-old from Oklahoma City is wise beyond his years and knows how to connect with an audience.
  • Angela Martin—Third time’s the charm for Angela.  Her personal story is so tragic that I’m rooting for her.  Her father was murdered during the first competition which left Angela too grief-stricken to compete.  This time around her mother is missing.  Police found her abandoned car outside of Chicago on New Year’s Eve and they haven’t found her.  Terrible.
  • Ashley Rodriguez—Obvious star qualities.
  • Janell Wheeler—She picked the wrong audition song in “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, but she’s displayed enough talent that I think she gets through.  (Rumored to be dating Tim Tebow.)
  • Andrew Garcia--Remains to be seen if he's got the range to win the whole thing, but he's definitely in the Top 24.
Don’t have a clue about the other 9, so I’m looking forward to tonight.

02/17/2010 10:11AM
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